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An adaptation of Jussi Parikka’s essay, “Malware as Operational Art: On the If/Then of Geopolitics and Tricksters,” from Het Nieuwe Instituut’s 2019 exhibition, Malware: Symptoms of Viral Infection. Parikka’s text encourages 
a reconsideration of glitches and instances of computer failure as the norm.

Overhead shot of an open book on a concrete ground. The text and images are green and the inner folds are densely textured with an unidentifiable pattern.
The structure of this book references the skeletal 
syntax of the web and the layered, nested anatomy of HTML. Smaller moves — the unravelling typography 
and cut paper revealing a computer-generated texture on the inner folds — seek to reinforce this theme 
of perceived danger, offering an uneasy, anti-reader friendly experience.

The inner fold of the front cover, photographed in front of a lawn with fallen leaves: unknown glyphs and diacritics spill out from the gutter in varying shades of green.

Full PDF. Published on Fonts In Use.