Projects (2020–)

An adaptation of Jussi Parikka’s essay, “Malware as Operational Art: On the If/Then of Geopolitics and Tricksters,” from Het Nieuwe Instituut’s 2019 exhibition, Malware: Symptoms of Viral Infection. Parikka’s text encourages a reconsideration of glitches and instances of computer failure as the norm.

The structure of this book references the skeletal syntax of the web and the layered, nested anatomy of HTML. Smaller moves—the unravelling typography and cut paper revealing a computer-generated texture on the inner folds—seek to reinforce this theme of perceived danger, offering an uneasy, anti-reader friendly experience.

2020. 3.5 × 6.5".

Basic Space

Assets for a speculative festival, Basic Space, that explores the potential of abstracting meme formats. Hover states on the microsite reveal not only the skeleton of the title’s letterforms, but also additional information about the festival.

2021. 11 × 17". Annual

Editorial design with Daniel Pianetti for the 2022 Annual, a collection of essays, interviews, and artwork from the community.

2022. 4.5 × 7.7".


An interactive modular alphabet that explores chance relationships between part and whole. 

Composed entirely of <div>s, Refringo pays homage to two artworks on campus. The visitor’s errant cursor launches series of transformations—the <div>s warp and blur, withdrawing to the distance.



Editorial design for REMAKE, an annual journal celebrating undergraduate first-year work. Dedicated to changing the top-down hierarchy of creative and academic content, REMAKE showcases a range of content ranging from art and research to creative writing and interviews.

2021. 8 × 10".

Nostalgia Loop

A broadsheet housing two articles about the role of nostalgia in global and American politics. Influenced by the comfort of vintage food graphics, this newspaper considers how complacency can be dangerous.

2021. 13.8 × 19.7".

Leslie Liu

Designer based in St. Louis, dedicated to silly and serious things.

Currently open to internship and freelance opportunities. Always down to collaborate.