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Assets for an imagined festival, Basic Space, that explores meme formats as liminal spaces. Hover states on the microsite reveal not only the skeleton of the title’s letterforms, but also additional information about the festival.

    An empty hallway, at the end of which is a poster on a bare wall. Fluorescent lights illuminate the space.    A pair of hands shuffling posters, on each of which is "BASIC SPACE" printed in a heavy, tall font in black. The text is overlaid on a pink abstract composition, with a QR code in the corner.

The background patterns of accompanying posters are generative abstract compositions of four common meme formats, programmed with Drawbot and riso printed.

[Above: demo of the Basic Space microsite; as the cursor moves across the page, the letterforms grow thicker. Moving into certain regions reveals extra info about the festival.]

As a metaphor for the anatomy of memes, mouse interactions reveal the outlines of the festival’s name — the bubbling circle changing color as the visitor hovers over the four quadrants, a reference to the political compass.