Leslie Liu is a fourth year student pursuing a BFA in design and studying human-computer interaction at Washington University in St. Louis. She is dedicated to silly and serious design.

A book cover against a patch of dead grass. The cover reads, "This book you are holding is an unkempt garden, a junkyard. Let the weeds overgrow, hack through [the fences]." Its text is green, printed on newsprint. A sliver of the cover is cut out, revealing a green pattern in the interior.

This book you are holding is a junkyard, a reading experience that glitches.

An empty hallway with posters strewn all over: one is draped on the handrail, two others on the ground. The title of the poster reads "BASIC SPACE," with supplementary text and a QR code around it, printed on a pink pattern.

Basic Space, an imagined festival that explores meme formats as liminal spaces.

Washington University Political Review illustration︎︎︎ accompanying article about the political compass and indifferent dads.

[Above: an interactive illustration with a red, blue, green, and purple background. In the center is the title of the article, “Biden’s Empty Promise To Restore Normalcy,” in all caps. Visitors compose illustrations of nonchalant bbq dads by clicking and dragging on the site.]

A Window For Two, an interactive program exploring the poetics of screenshots; watch digital sunsets with your computer.

[Above: a blank canvas that’s gradually populated with several rectangles as the visitor drags to create new ones. The background is a blue-orange gradient and the rectangles they draw out are of various hues. After a while, the rectangles scatter, floating away.]
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Designer and person dreaming of stuff that helps us reconsider intimacy and connection. 
        With interests ranging from media and memes to margins and the power of symbols, Leslie hopes to ask fruitful questions and learn about the world. 
        She has written about the politics of mockups︎︎︎ and TikTok meme formats︎︎︎; currently seeking research and internship opportunities.